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Vidi-Sync Patrol HD™ is our tablet touchscreen software interface that allows police officers to have local access to and interact with their in-car Mobile CCTV system.

Their in-car CCTV system records video evidence from all the live vehicle cameras, including their ANPR & Body-Worn officer protection cams. This provides police investigators with an integrated chain of evidence relating to all their voice and video, whilst the officer is out on-patrol.

In addition, it also provides senior officers at Police Command & Control Centres with the ability to dial-in LIVE via 3G to support police officers at risk, when they are responding to real-time incidents on the streets.

Key Features

  • Simple touchscreen interface
  • Select any camera full screen
  • Live GPS location indicator
  • Live snapshot function
  • One-touch bookmarking of incidents in real-time
  • Ability for the officer to add typed notes to videos
  • Simple search / playback and editing of video clips
  • Export video and typed notes to a USB flash drive
  • Sirens and lights post-incident audit trail

Live CCTV Image - Front HD Camera

Live CCTV Image - Rear Facing HD Camera

Create a Live Video Bookmark

Bookmarked Video and Alarm Events List

Export Bookmarks and Video Clips to USB Drive

Playback & Search Interface

Add Details to any Video or Bookmarked Incident

Simplify Incident Management Before Downloading to USB