Low Cost Remote Managed 3G/WLAN/Vehicle Diagnostics/GPS Tracking and Mobile CCTV Services for Transport Sector

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Vidiwave is a leading manufacturer of HD mobile CCTV hardware and remote management software solutions using their own wireless network technology. Their ultra-secure VPN technology and software is designed to deliver the power of full remote management to assist officers from Remote Command and Control centres.

Vidiwave have over 18 Years’ experience developing cutting edge mobile video technology into harsh environments.

Founded in 1998 their original R&D company was set up to develop Mil-Spec Mobile Digital Video Recorders, Automotive Power Supplies and Harsh Spike Protection technology.

In 2004 they launched their first commercial grade products into commercial Bus and Rail applications, using their in-house WLAN technology to back-up video instead of users removing HDD's.

In 2010 they redevelop the original concept to include 3G / WLAN / Vehicle Diagnostics / GPS Tracking and HD Mobile CCTV, all with real-time intelligent condition monitoring and automatic alerting to the client's desktop.

Vidiwave offer global partners real-time remote support through their offices in the UK and Holland.

About our ANPR Software Partner

Founded in 2004, 4Sight Imaging develops and applies patented imaging technology to deliver automated visual solutions that solve many challenges faced by many organizations across their security, manufacturing and defence operations.

High performance, plug-and-play ANPR software leveraging over 10 years imaging science experience, 4Sight Imaging has designed and packaged the most progressive yet intuitive Automated License Plate Recognition solution available in the market today.

Simple to deploy and operate, Veracity utilises next generation UHD IP cameras, solid state IR lighting and leading image analysis technologies to deliver industry-leading accuracy over a wide range of operating conditions to enhance security and surveillance, improve profitability and drive operational efficiencies.

4Sight provides ANPR services that together deliver end-to-end ANPR solutions that fully meet the evolving organisation requirements.

These range from ANPR Reading Services to fully scoped "intelligence led" Back Office Facilities (BOF's) with advanced industry leading deep data mining, analytical and alerting tool sets.

4Sight can provide a complete solution whether you are deploying ANPR for the first time or are looking to enhance and develop your existing ANPR capabilities.

To find our more about 4Sight visit http://www.4sightimaging.com

history of innovation

Vidiwave has a history of innovation in developing cutting edge mobile technology

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1st Company to develop a fan-less ATX PSU for mobile CCTV with full opto-isolation and galvanic protection

1st Company to develop a Semtex proof DVR using A315 stainless steel and fan-less ATX for Milspec applications

1st Company to integrate and combine long-range WLAN and GSM to deliver live wireless vehicle CCTV

1st to develop a dedicated CCTV software to automatically back-up video over unstable networks like GPRS & WLAN

1st Mobile DVR manufacturer to achieve fully compliant EN-50121 & EN-50155 Rail certifications

1st to develop a Fleet WLAN for mobile CCTV that could handle multiple vehicle downloads at the same time

1st to develop a scheduled automatic back-up software for Mobile CCTV applications

1st to develop a camera health checking software for Mobile CCTV using a WLAN watchdog

1st to develop a mobile DVR with full remote reprogramming via 3G and WLAN

1st to offer a Mobile DVR which delivered over 4 months storage in the box - with full resolution using 2TB HDD's


1st offer a fully integrated Fleet management solution using public APN 3G : for Mobile CCTV + GPS + CANbus + Diagnostics

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Our accreditations


Auto - 2004/108/EC

Shock & Vibration - EN-61373


Rail - EN50121

Rail - EN50155

Shock & Vibration - EN-61373